Monday, September 14, 2009

Easier Done Then Said

Well, I was dreading making some phone calls this morning. See, for RW's Social Studies lessons this week, he's learning about neighborhoods and cities and towns. One of the projects is that he has to go to his local government offices. e needs to talk to someone about community projects, problem solving and area growth. He also needs to look at some maps, and see where things are located compared to where he lives. The part I was dreading was calling someone to set this all up.

Now, I don't mind making phone calls. I'm a people person. BUT, I've always had bad luck with talking with anyone from a company (Customer Service types) or government. So, as I settled down for what I thought would be at least an hour of being transferred and on hold, I made one phone call.

And got right to the person I needed to talk to! And he was polite and was glad to be able to help! Wow! He apologized for not having anything between now (Monday) and Thursday, but set up an appointment for RW to talk with him on Friday morning. He said he'd even have his assistant set up things for RW! How cool is that? So, we are meeting Jamie Kennedy from the Tupelo Community Development Foundation / Chamber of Commerce.

So, I'm sitting here, writing this, watching RW do his work. The thing with RW is, he's smart.. sometimes too smart. He doesn't like anyone helping him, unless he asks. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really teaching him.. he's teaching himself.

This week we are working on Spelling (words : fix, win, hit, still, tin, will, bill, sit, fit, hill) , Language Skills (More Adjective fun) , Reading (reading tongue twisters, then making some of our own using adjectives) , Math (missing addends.. this is a fun week for math) , Science (continuing with our Water study, but this week we are learning about buoyancy) , Social Studies (continuing with our neighborhood study, but learning the differences in cities, towns, villages, suburbs, rural areas, downtown and urban areas) and Bible (God made us, discussing how God made everyone different, why and what has happened since Adam)

We'll be doing experiments with our science lessons, so we'll be posting pictures of those, along with our trip on Friday (and maybe one on Wednesday to City Hall, depends on if it rains.. we don't want to walk around in the rain.. LOL)

Well, RW is reading his tongue twister book and getting frustrated with it, so I'm going to post this and go help him.. wish me luck, I'm so bad at tongue twisters! LOL!

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