Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to the Beals School for Boys!

Well, I've decided to make the boys' school posts into a blog of their own. So, I am in the process of copying over things. Please excuse the mess. :)

This blog is going to be about the home schooling of two very cool boys. RW and IC (to learn more about them, please visit my regular blog ~ The World Thru These Blue Eyes . RW is in 2nd grade and IC is in Kindergarten. We are using Alpha Omega Lifepac along with a book called "learn at home".

This will document the different lessons, along with experiements, field trips and anything else that happens during our school year.

We are calling our school ~ The Beals School for Boys ~ This is mostly because we are the Beals family, and we have all boys. :)

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