Friday, October 30, 2009

"But What About P.E ??"

I've heard this question twice this week... so I'm going to clear some things up. My boys don't miss out on physical education. We've been learning about health, and will continue to do so. And as for the "physical" part, RW does many things. He's been going to Tae Kwon Do a couple times a week now (also a + on the socializing scale *wink*). Not only that, but I've been having him use my Wii Fit. That's right.. I said that I've been letting him play my video game. The thing is, Wii Fit is an ACTIVE game.. you have to actually move in order to play. Check it out:

RW getting ready to hit soccer balls with his head

Being told to dodge everything that isn't a soccer ball

Starting the Hoola Hoop game

Hoola Hooping is actually a GREAT work out

Choosing what to do next


Gotta lean to make the man move!

Making sure his feet are on the board

Doing Push Ups

There are actually quite a bit of things on there for him to do. So, when it's raining out, and a day that he doesn't have Tae Kwon Do, this is how he gets his "gym" time into the school day. :) We also have Wii Sports, but it has a scratch, other wise he'd be playing that one too (baseball, boxing, tennis.. also all GREAT work outs!)

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