Monday, October 5, 2009

Lesson Plans for The Week

This week we are working on a lot of different stuff.

Language Skills : Nouns & Subjects. We've learned Nouns, we've learned Subjects. Now we are putting them together.

Spelling: job, pop, box, rock, got, sock, cob, lot, fox, hop. The phonics skills of short o vowels, the ck sound and the letter x.

Reading: "Frog and Toad are friends" by Arnold Lobel. We will be reading the different chapters and discussing different points in the stories. We will review the short vowel sounds and rules.

Math: Missing Subtrahends and Minuends. 9-5=4 9 -__ = 4 / __ - 5 = 4

Science: Observing Solids, Liquids and Gasses. Different experiments on different days to observe.

Social Studies: Cities. We will be doing research on the city that we live in, we will also read "City Seen From A to Z" by Rachel Isadora.

Bible: We will be looking at the life of Moses.

As an extra bonus, RW has taken it upon himself to read a chapter book that is usually for kids in grades 4 or 5. His Gramy (my step-mom) sent him a box of books and he's picked out a Goosebumps book titled "Say Cheese and Die" to read. So far he is doing awesome. He started it yesterday and is on chapter 2 already. He only had to ask me once what a word meant. :)

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