Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reading, Reading The Time Away

I am so proud of RW! He is becoming such a great reader, and he LOVES to read. He is constantly reading.. everything from boxes, to signs to now: Chapter books. That's right. He's reading chapter books! And so now I'm looking at our "Library" of kids books and realizing that they are all picture baby books.. and I'm freaking out! Books are SO expensive, where and how do I get books that are interesting to him, and cheaply?? LOL.. there is a saying that says "They will eat you out of house and home". Well, in THIS house, the saying is "He'll read us out of house and home"! :D But that's alright, I say READ ON!

1 comment:

  1. I have the exact some problem with Tre'. He reads everything he can get his hands on. We used to go to the library but,he likes to own them so he can read them again. Now we just go to the used book store, freecycle, or cheapcycle for gently used books.