Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Tale of One City

RW has been doing a Social Studies lesson on Cities. The final lesson was that he had to go to the city HE lived in and find out some information. He found out that Tupelo is known as the birth place of Elvis Presley. He also found out that lots of indians use to be in the area (which is great, because that's our next Social Studies lesson! Stay Tuned!). He learned that it was founded in 1870. Learned more about Elvis... lol.. anyway.. here are some pictures

Not knowing much about Tupelo, we headed to the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The receptionist gave us some pamphlets when we told her why we were there. We would have liked to talk to someone, since we are still pretty new to the town and really know NOTHING about it, but I guess they didn't have time for us. :( Oh well, RW was a sport and used what she gave us.

RW's paper of questions and answers. He found some info in the pamphlets, but went online and found more.

Another pic of RW standing outside the building

RW next to one of the signs outside of the building. It, of course, talks about Elvis.

Another sign outside of the building

The other side of the sign

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