Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Trip to the Past

RW has moved from Cities and Neighborhoods to studying Indians in social studies. It works out great because he's learning about the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians, and those are the ones that happened to be in these parts of Mississippi! So, we couldn't pass the opportunity to drive onto the Natchez Trace Parkway and learn more about them hands on. :) We went on November 11th, even though the pictures say the 10th (I didn't realize until we were almost done with our trip that the camera had the wrong date.. oops! :D )

The outside of the "welcome center"

Information bulletin board

Natchez Trace Parkway

RW inside, at the start

RW playing with toys that Indian children would have played with

IC trying to get the ball into the cup

AJ putting the ball into the cup

Daddy & RW reading about the Choctaw & Chickasaw

RW in front of Indian Artifacts

RW reading to IC about the Indians

RW telling which tracks go to which animal

RW on the trace :)

RW trying to decide if he really wants to touch the bones

AJ feeling a raccoon fur ~ Soft!

RW holding a skull and horns

IC holding a skull and horns

RW watching the Indian video

Video about the Chickasaw

Wearing Racoon Tail Hats

After leaving the Visitor's Center, we headed down a part of Natchez Trace. First stop was the Old Trace.

Old Trace Sign (the start of the Old Trace Trail)

RW next to the Old Trace Sign

Close up of the what the sign says. We didn't even realize until we started walking up the trail that we were visiting it ON Veterans' Day. It kinda seemed fitting in a way.

The sign that is at the end of the 5 minute walk. 13 unknown confederate soldiers were buried here. RW thought it was sad that people would miss these soldiers and not even know that they were here.

Close up of the bottom of the sign

The row of grave stones

Close up of one of the grave stones

After leaving the Old Trace, we stopped at a look out called Dogwood Valley. Since we were here in the fall, we didn't get to see the flowering trees, but the info on the sign was good. :)

Next we stopped at an old Chickasaw Village

French - Chickasaw War Sign

Stone Monument to the Chickasaw that died defending their village against the settlers

Old Town is what the Chickasaw Village is called

RW next to the sign talking about the different types of houses the Chickasaw had

A Picture of how the village was set up. RW learned that the circle houses are winter homes, the small rectangle houses were summer houses and the large rectangle in the middle was a fort where the Chickasaw would go when under attack.

The layout where the buildings use to be

Another picture

Where the Fort use to stand. IC was running along the border.

Sign explaining the fort

RW and IC standing where the summer house use to be

The summer house sign

RW and IC standing where the winter house use to be

Sign explaining the winter house

Sign explaining why a winter house was important

The boys really had a great time, and RW learned so much about Indians. Maybe next time we'll watch the 12 minute video (we didn't think IC and AJ would sit through it so we didn't watch it. ) There was so much that we all didn't know about the Indians from these parts. It was amazing to actually stand where Indians and Confederate soldiers ACTUALLY stood at one time.

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  1. We like exploring the Trace too. We went to the grave of the 13 unknown soldiers this summer. I thought it was going to be further in the woods and we were prepared for some real hiking and there it was not far in at all..