Saturday, November 7, 2009

Water's Disappearing Act

This Week RW had to do an experiment about Evaporation. 3 glasses of water, all starting off with the same amount of water. Each was placed in a different spot and then measured every day to see the results. Here is what RW documented..

Day 1
Cup A 10 cm

Cup A was placed in the open on the kitchen counter normal light and room temp

Cup B 10 cm

Cup B was placed in the living room window where it got a lot of sunlight and warmth

Cup C 10 cm

Cup C was placed in our towel closet

The towel closet is dark and cool

RW's Science Log where he records all of his data

RW drew pictures of each of the glasses, how much water was in each and where it was located

His picture

All glasses started off with 10 cm of water

Day 2

Cup A still has 10 cm

Cup B had 9 1/2 cm

Cup C still had 10 cm
Observation Chart
After Day 2 we didn't take pictures, but RW did measure and write down his findings. You'll see the results on his chart in the pictures for Day 5, which was the last day of the experiment.

Day 5

Cup A had 9 cm

Cup B had 8 cm

Cup C had 9 1/2 cm

All three of the cups together after the final day

The total observation chart

As you can see, Cup C only had 1/2 cm of change while Cup B had 2 cm of change. RW came to the conclusion that because Cup B was in the sun and warmth, the water evaporated much faster then the water from Cup C that was in the dark and coolness. Cup A evaporated at the same rate that any normal cup of water would if just left in a room.

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