Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CHENM Field Trip to Health Works!

We went to Health Works! in Tupelo as a field trip with our homeschool group. RW & IC were in the "Super Hero" group. They loved that. They got to wear capes and all.. LOL! Daddy stayed with them while AJ went with Momma to the fun floor to play. We had a blast learning about how to keep our bodies healthy. :)

The Welcome Sign

Brian the Brain

Posing in front of Brian the Brain

Some of the kids from the homeschool group

The lovely ladies who were in charge of making sure we learned and had fun.

RW & IC in the Super Hero Group

Tying on the capes

Even AJ got to wear a cape!

The Super Hero Helpers introducing themselves

RW putting a healthy thing on velcro man

IC putting a healthy item on velcro man

Velcro man

Learning about digestion

The Super Hero group learning how our bodies use food for energy

Everyone did so well listening

Learning about healthy eating

Food Groups Hats!

Learning how the different groups help our bodies

Doing a food group dance


Going through the mouth to exit the room

RW went so fast, we missed the picture! LOL

Picking Healthy meals at the "Cafe"

Picking out healthy foods

Playing the "Healthy choices" Wii game

Even AJ played the "Healthy Choices" game

IC doing the puzzles.. the boy loves puzzles!

RW doing a puppet show

RW with "Dr Nose It All"

Seeing what puzzle IC is doing now, with Terry the Health Works "embassador"

RW keeping the big teeth healthy by brushing them

Explains it's self

Ewww! LOL.. making MY skin crawl! LOL

Even AJ had a play mate!

IC brushing the giant teeth

Brush Brush Brush

IC doing the "Dr Nose It All"

All three boys doing puzzles

RW at the "Cafe"

IC picking out more food

The entrance into the Grossology area

RW actually playing the grossology game! LOL

AJ playing with the healthy food market

AJ sliding on the celery slide

Here's Kelly! :D

Inside the Brain Theater

Kelly's Brain

Playing on the way out! We had a Blast!
We want to say THANK YOU to Health Works for having our Homeschool group come and learn with you! :D

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