Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tae Kwon Do Kicks Butt!

So, with RW having OCD it's hard to find a sport he will do. We tried T-Ball, but it was bad. He didn't want to get dirty or run around the bases. He didn't even want to try football, because it was.. dirty! So, when we said he wanted to try Tae Kwon Do, we said "SURE!" and it turned out to be the best thing! He LOVES it! It's clean and structured. PERFECT for him! He's been in it a couple of months, and already tested for his Yellow Belt! :D

Morning of the test

Front Stance Punch

With the others warming up before testing

Everyone punching

Another punch as a group

Listening to the instructions

RW going through his Stances during his test

Doing his "moves" for the judges

Sparing for his yellow belt

After his test with the whole class again

At the Christmas Dinner / Award Night

Bowing to show respect

With his Master

I did it! I got my yellow belt! Unfortunatly we have to wait til tomorrow to get it! LOL

Continuing down the black belt line shaking hands congrats!

Master talking about the little dragons that made him want to keep teaching

Getting his new belt!

Master tying on his new yellow belt

Giving High Five, and telling RW to look in the mirror at his new belt

RW bowing at master, Master bowing at RW

New Yellow Belt! :D WOOHOO!!!

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