Monday, August 9, 2010

A New Start To A New Year

So, we didn't really get a lot documented last year. I feel bad about that. So, the boys (RW & IC) and I have decided to make an even bigger effort to document what goes on in the Beals School For Boys. They are going to help and remind me to update the blog, at least weekly, if not more so.

So, the start of the 2010-2011 school year is getting ready to start. We won't start for another week, but the public schools here have already started (last week! Can you believe that??) So, even though we aren't starting yet, all the stores had their back to school savings going on. We had to hit it up. (Crayons for 20¢ !!!! We bought 12 boxes.. LOL!)

Well, because we got most of our supplies (still need colored paper and such, but that wasn't on sale for some reason... :s ) AND because RW's new curriculum came.. we decided to get our school area ready to go.

Yay!! It came! It was like opening a present on Christmas morning.. even though we knew what it was.. and it wasn't wrapped.. and it is August... Well, you get the idea..

The extra school supplies we got. Yes, that is a safe. Yes, the safe gets locked. Why? Because a certain 2 year old likes to open EVERY single pack of everything and we'd like to make it through the school year this year without running outta stuff. :)

So, we've rearranged things this year. And added a new "student" (IC is so excited to be in Kindergarten!). So we had to re-organize and set things up differently. So, here are the updated pictures.

Our school bookshelf. It has most of the things that we will use throughout the year.

The top shelf has the teacher's books, school boxes (each boy has their own, along with the teacher's box that has dry erase markers and pencil sharpeners and such), extra paper, notebooks and folders.

The middle shelf has the boys' school books. Each subject is broken up into different folders. RW's are on the right, IC's are on the left. In the middle is the orange crate where we are keeping our art and craft supplies.

New addition to our school. Our blow up globe. Very proud of this addition. LOL!

Part of the work space

The Cheat Signs Area. (Excuse the coloring. That was AJ's (the 2 year old) addition from last year. These will be redone before we actually begin school. Just hadn't done it before taking the pictures.. LOL! ANYWAY, These are Numbers 1-100, Colors (done in their colors), Alphabet ~upper and lower case~, What month and season it is, along with the Bible lesson and verse that we are learning.

The Learning Wall

Directional signs

The presidents of the United States of America

Our World Map

Our United States of America Map

Our white board. This will have different stuff on it. It happens to have RW's last Geography lesson on it. I hadn't wiped it off yet.. LOL!

Our Weather Board. We need to make more Weather symbols.. some of them got wet.

Our Subject board. Every week, this board will tell the boys what we are learning for the week

Our Learning Wall

Our work space

So, that's our new set up. We are about ready to start our new school adventure! Let's Go!

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