Sunday, September 9, 2012

Science Project: Fuses In Use

Where Did You Find the fuse block?  There were 2! One under the hood next to the battery, the other under the steering wheel.

How many fuses were there? 22 under the steering wheel, 19 under hood. There were bigger ones under the hood though. We found out that a lot of the engine's things take electrical current, and they all run through that block, while the fuses under the steering wheel were mostly for things inside the van it's self.

Were any burned out? How many? None! All were in working order

If you found any burned out fuses, which circuits were they protecting? There were none burned out.

Why do you think the car manufacturer put fuses in the circuits of the car?  It keeps the electricity safe and going where it should go to make things run.

RW looking at the fuse block under the steering wheel

Counting how many fuses there are

Looking at the fuses under the hood. 

Course, that wasn't enough.. we started talking about other things that weren't on the list. Talking about where we thought the charge from the batter went if it didn't go to the fuse block stuff like that. We also looked to see which fuses were for which things in the van. Did you know that the radio only takes a #10 fuse.. and the hazard lights take a #25! That surprised us.  We also found that the windshield wipers have THREE different fuses! We guessed that one fuse per wiper (since there are two on the windshield and one on the back window).  


  1. One for the wipers in front, one for wipers in back, one for pumps for windshield and rear window washers...

    jus sayin..