Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Library Fun ~ Gross Science Projects

So, we found out that our local library has a teen center. And while none of us are really teens, the helpful ladies at the library said that RW, at least, can participate in some of the things that they do there!

RW & Momma waiting for the activities to begin.. 

Today they were doing a "Gross Science Projects" activity.  There were four different things that we did.

The first was learning how our body digests food.. and makes poop!

The Body's Digestive System

First, we took some Spaghetti O's and some bread and put them in a bowl...

Then we took a masher and mashed the "meal". The masher was like our teeth. 

What the food looks like after it is chewed.. yum.. LOL! 

Then we put the chewed food into a food processor. This is like what our stomach's do to the food. 

The librarian added vinegar to be like the acid in our stomachs

Round and round the food goes... being ground up really little to get ready for the next step!

Getting the intestines ready! (They were really nylons.. haha)

 Pouring the "mush" into the nylons.. like our stomachs into the intestines. 

Making sure all the food goes in.. (There were a lot of "ewwww's" going on.. LOL!) 

Squeezing the food down to the very end

And, after all the liquid has been squeezed out, the stuff that comes out the end.. POOP!  
(even more Ewww's and laughs at this) 

The second thing we did was to make Blood!!

First, put water in the ziplock bag

 Next comes chocolate sauce

 Then the corn syrup

 Add some red food coloring.. we found that it takes about 6-9 drops

 Squish it all together, and you get blood! Mwahahaha

Third, we learned why our bodies make boogers, and then we made snot!

We put some water in a bowl along with some geletin

Then added some green food coloring 

And stirred it all up 

It was all green and liquidy 

Spreading the "snot" out to let it cool and harden 

It got hard and just like boogers 

Very cool 

One of the girls being silly with the "boogers" LOL!  

Last, we made "Exploding Soap"

 The librarian put a bar of soap in the microwave

We were all waiting to see what would happen....  

After a minute, it doubled in size!! 

One of the boys being silly pretending to eat it LOL! 

RW also being silly with the soap  

 Watching from a distance.. the second bar of soap.. this time for 2 minutes.. 

This one got really huge! 

It looked like a brick! But it felt like a sponge.. it was really cool! 

Great group of kids! (with a couple missing.. they had to leave a little early) 

We had a fun time! Can't wait to go back! :) We are going to find out if they have other things to do. We plan to do a lot of really great things this year!! 

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