Sunday, January 13, 2013

Science Project: Homemade Rock Candy ~ Edited

Ok, so this isn't an experiment that came with my school lessons. It is one that I actually got for Christmas.  I received TWO great experiment kits for Christmas, and I had been bugging and bugging Momma to let me try them out. She finally gave in.. LOL!! 

I decided to make Rock Candy as my first experiment. This one actually takes a couple of days, so stay tuned this week for the update! 

I made sure I had everything I needed ready to go before hand.

I had to heat the water up. It took 40 seconds!

Safety first people!

Carefully pouring the hot water into the glass. (It said to use my beaker, but I wanted to use it for others things as well, so I substituted)

Pouring the sugar into the water.

Adding the food coloring

Stirring it all together

Now to wait the couple of days it says it takes for the candy to form. 

~ RW
Well, it didn't do anything! :(  So, we are going to take the suggestion of one of our readers, and put a metal paper clip on the end of the string, and see if that helps. We'll update again in a couple of days to see if it works! 

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