Saturday, July 6, 2013

Do It Yourself Projects ~ #1 Despicable Me Cars

So, today Momma found out that there was a Kids' Activity at our local Home Depot. So, she woke us all up, and herded us to the store.

They had tables set up with balloons and these kits that had pieces of wood, nails and wheels in them. There were also some 'kid sized' hammers. The theme was "Despicable Me 2". And we were putting together a "Minion Car".

 We started putting together our cars!

Then we got to paint them a nice blue color

We had to paint them all over with the blue
We used sponge brushes :) 

Then, on the way home, we got to go to Kroger and we each got a doughnut! RW got a chocolate covered one, IC got a star shaped one with blue frosting and sprinkles and AJ got a star shaped on with white frosting and TONS of sprinkles. :) 

After we got home, and our cars had dried, we got to put the finishing touches on them. The stickers that made them look like real cars.. and it even made it look like there was a Minion driving! LOL! 
 Us with our finished cars! 

Momma says that both Home Depot and Lowes do Kids' Activities, and that we will be able to go to most of them! :) So look for more of these "DIY Project" posts on Saturdays! 

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