Thursday, August 29, 2013

We went to a farm!!!

Our Homeschool group (PEAK) went to a real working farm!

We met at the RALPH'S Doc & Evie Farms and learned about how they grow all of their produce.  

Telling us about the compost piles

We learned about Ocra and how it grows. Don't touch it! It will make you itch!

Looking at the corn and teaching us about how to de-tassel. 

Picking out the best peaches from the tree. 

One of many big tractors that the farm uses

Explaining how they use these little trays to start the seeds out in. 

Talking about banana peppers

Telling us about the plastic covers they use. They are sort of like mini greenhouses. It keeps the plants warm and damp and keeps weeds out of the produce. 

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